Blood of the Dead Gods

Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs

While furthering their investigations into the corruption of the Feywild is intriguing, the party decides to continue on to Stonefang to settle their vendetta with the Severed Eye. They return the half-orc child to Winterhaven and resume their trek.

The town of Timbervale sits at the foot of the mountains below Stonefang. Upon entering the Knothole, a small but comfortable tavern, they meet Rangrim, a youngish dwarf with a tarnished crown, and his entourage, the remains of the Glintshield clan.

Previously residents of Stonefang, the Glintshields were routed recently by the Severed Eye, and only a handful escaped, mostly young and elderly. Their warriors, members of a strange cult known as the Shadowed Chain, disappeared after securing their escape and their whereabouts are unknown.

Rangrim is desperate for help in reclaiming Stonefang from the orcs. He hires the party for the task, allowing them to keep anything they find and giving them a ruby ring as a down payment.

An old woman named Flinka also asks for their aid in finding her sister, or her remains. The party uses her sending stone to attempt contact, but instead end up talking to a mysterious child named Dori.

They head up the trail toward the mountains and are ambushed by two hippogriffs at a broken bridge. Several of the less agile members fall into the river and are swept along by the powerful current toward a waterfall. Even when they escape the waters, archerfish appear from the depths and pull then back in. Rather than running away from the river, the adventurers stay to finish off their enemies, flinging blades and firing arrows until the river is cloudy with blood.

The tunnel to Stonefang lies ahead, flanked by huge statues of giant handiwork, though dwarven friezes are also carved alongside. Inside the tunnel, they hear sucking sounds. Stirges of various sizes are feasting on the remains of the dwarves who fell in the retreat, and they attack the party.

Before the battle is finished, an earthquake chases off the remaining stirges. Great cracks open in the floor and ceiling, and deathjump spiders pour from the opening above. They leap down to assail the party with poisonous fangs while aftershocks knock the heroes from their feet. They are eventually victorious and find a quiet side tunnel in which to rest.


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the puns just get better

Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs

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