Blood of the Dead Gods


The Shadowed Chain cultists explain that the dwarves of Stonefang Pass sealed an earth titan named Stonefang deep within the mountain thousands of years ago. When the seals began to fade, a small group of them turned to the worship of Torog, god of jailers and torturers, to maintain the bonds. They have been chanting non-stop for several weeks now to keep the titan in check, but he is still able to cause tremors and quakes that shake the entire mountain. Only when his four body parts are returned to the Pit Room can he be sealed away again.

The party is already in possession of the hand, and they convince the dwarves to give them the rib, though one of their number, Duggan, insists on accompanying them to recover the other artifacts. Nas remains behind to guard the chanting dwarves.

The orcs are holed up in a citadel on the other side of the pass. The party comes to a broken stone bridge guarded by archers on towers, orc savages, and a huge orc riding a wild boar. The archers skewer Cale, nearly killing him before he can move. Alek pauses for a glorious moment, and the heroes feel more resilient. The path across the bridge is tricky, but they navigate it, hacking apart the savages.

Finch uses the titan’s hand again, sending the boar crashing into the river, though the orc nimbly dismounts. The archers pelt them with arrows while the party ignores them and focuses on the giant orc. Johan pushes him into a gap in the bridge, where he clings desperately for a few seconds before Cale finishes him off. Then they set their sights on the archers, clambering over scaffolding to reach their perches. But the boar climbs out of the river and rushes Finch, who dared to toy with his emotions.

Finch scrambles up the catwalk out of reach, and the boar turns to Alek, charges, and leaps over the rickety wooden beams, narrowly missing the cleric. From their vantage points, they fling spell and steel at the boar until Alek cooks it through with searing light. The archers quickly fall, too.

Within the citadel, they hear the sounds of dwarves being tortured by orcs. Duggan bursts through the door to rescue them, but the orcs are ready. The party bottles them up in a narrow hallway, ganging up on each orc before they can bring their full force to bear. When all the orcs are dead, they free the dwarven prisoners, one of whom is Thane Harvak, Rangrim’s father and leader of Stonefang Pass. He and Duggan argue, revealing that a civil war with the Shadowed Chain gave the orcs the opportunity to invade, though they agree to put their differences aside for now. A chest nearby houses the earth titan’s heart.

A dragon-masked orc and two wolf shamans await them on the floor above, though the party gets the jump on them. They quickly wound the dragon-faced leader, and he sprouts wings of blood before breathing noxious poison over all of them. One of the shaman pulls a lever which open a skylight in the ceiling, and the winged monster flies away, letting the heroes focus on the two shaman. Wolf spirits attack them from all sides, and boar spirits explode when they kill them.

The dragon-orc returns, hovering just out of reach and blasting them all with his poisoned breath. Finally, the shaman are killed, and when the monster lands to confront them, they chop off his wings and sever his head. He has the eye on him. With all four artifacts in their possession, they prepare to return to the Pit Room to bind Stonefang once and for all.

Skald’s armor +2
River of Life gloves
Vanguard weapon +2



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