Blood of the Dead Gods

A Lich to Scratch

They discover a secret passage in the side tunnel. Nas is impossible to awaken, and Cale doesn’t seem like himself, but they proceed to investigate anyway. Stairs lead down to a dark dungeon.

Stumbling around blindly attracts the attention of a skeleton, a swarm of corpse rats, and then a gargoyle. Attacked from all sides, they focus fire, and when the last one is defeated, they move much more cautiously through the corridors. Teleporting spiders catch them in poisonous webs, dragging them down the halls and awakening more dungeon denizens.

Finally, they approach stairs leading upward, though it’s guarded by a blazing skeleton. Exhausted, they simply distract it and run past, climbing the stone steps and barring the way behind them.

After a brief respite on a landing, they emerge into a high-ceiling hall supported by eight large pillars. Four arbalests line the walls, and a dracolich awakens at the far end of the chamber.

Alek takes a glorious moment to increase everyone’s defenses while Finch conjures an angry and bloodshot eye. Johan and Cale charge the bony beast, backing it into a corner and trapping it in place against the wall. Finch and Alek dodge bolts from the arbalests and duck behind pillars, eventually destroying two of the giant crossbows.

An earthquake shakes the entire hall, and pillars begin crumbling to the ground. With two arbalests still firing at their backs, the entire party surrounds the dracolich, hacking and scorching its bones until it collapses in a flurry of dust. They grab its horde without looking through it and hurry back to Nas’ resting place before the entire ceiling caves in.




Everyone level to 5.



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