Character Generation:
Roll 2d20 and then roll 3d6 5 times, and post the results with your name. I’ll tell you the two archetypes and the stats for your character, and we can work out origin stories (for instance, you rolled “android” and “hawkoid”- you are a giant metal chicken!) and names.

Steve: Primary origin- Rat Swarm, Secondary origin- Giant.
regular-sized swarm of giant rats
Str 16 (giant)
Con 10
Dex 18 (swarm)
Int 11
Wis 13
Cha 13 (rolled this one for you- it’s four rolls of 3d6, my bad)

Primary origin – Mind Breaker, Secondary origin- Mind Coercer
So you’re both a psychic weapon full of seething anger you unleash upon others, and you subtly manipulate the minds of others. You’re a bipolar psychic? Your mind control chip is malfunctioning and slowly leaking radiation? You’ve got a really, really bad thyroid problem?
Str 13
Con 9
Dex 10
Int 11
Wis 17 (both your origins affected Cha, so I had to roll this one for you)
Cha 20

Primary: Speedster
Secondary: Mind Breaker

So, you’re the Flash crossed with a really angry Professor Xavier. Speedsters are what they sound like- they’re the Flash. Mind Breakers are psychics who don’t try to trick people, or create illusions, or control people- they just blow shit up with their mind.

Str 9
Dex 18 (primary origin)
Con 4 (ouch! good thing you can run away from any fights!)
Int 15
Wis 12
Cha 16 (secondary origin)

2d20 – 20
3d6 – 12
3d6 – 17
3d6 – 20
3d6 – 17
3d6 – 13

d20 – 20
d20 – 9
3d6 – 14
3d6 – 7
3d6 – 13
3d6 – 12


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