Johan is a young human male, just under six feet tall with a broad-shouldered, muscular build. He has a scar at the edge of his left eye, but it seems to match his rugged looks. He wears black scale armor with a distinct draconic styling.


Human male
Hybrid Barbarian/Ranger, level 7

Magic items owned: Sunblade longsword +2, Black iron scale armor +1, Amulet of health +1, Farbond spellblade longsword +2 (off hand weapon); Iron armbands of power (heroic tier)

Feats: Hybrid talent- Barbarian (Feral might- whirling slayer)(level 1); Toughness (human racial bonus); Armor proficiency- chain (level 2); Armor proficiency- scale (level 4); Weapon focus- heavy blades (level 6)

Defenses: AC 21/FORT 21/REF 17/WILL 16; Resist 5 fire, 5 necrotic, 5 poison
HP: 63 (bloodied 31); Surges: 9x/day, 15 HP


“Johan” is not his real name- his actual name is a nearly unpronouncable string of letters in the Draconic tongue (the native language of the jungle tribe where he was born and raised); the first few syllables sound vaguely like ‘Johan’ though. He was renamed “Johan” by the recruiters for a mercenary company- they asked him his name once, and after listening to his response, replied “Damned if we’re going to try writing that down or shouting it for orders. Instead of saying ‘hey you!’ we’re gonna call you Johan.”

Johan was born in the jungles far to the west of the Nentir Vale, beyond the mountains. The tribes of his homeland revere drakes and especially dragons- they worship the recognized gods in their draconic forms and primal spirits of nature with equal respect. There are many ruins deep within the jungles, and the tribes are both skilled hunters and fierce guardians of those ruins. Johan grew up in one such tribe, and he learned the trade of a warrior, as his father had- during the ceremony which marked his ascension to adulthood, the omens bonded him to one of the strongest totems of the jungle tribes, the ferocious rage drake. He took his place among the warriors of his people with great pride and hope for glory. But fate had other plans…


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