Blood of the Dead Gods

When we last left our heroes...

Just trying to catch this up...

(Yeah so the details I have are sketchy at best – if everyone fills in the blanks that’d be great!)

After defeating the Iron Cross and helping to end the conflict in Hammerfast(right?) the party sets off to help Cale’s mentor restore his connection to ancient magics needed to help Cale keep his corruption under control.

After making their way to the compound, the party is attacked by those who had desecrated the magic. Using a portal to enter the Feywild, the party investigates the area only to find a mysterious and ominous poem.

The party soon find themselves staring at a group of a strange statue of three women. After failing to see the merit of the newly found poem, the party then looks critically at the poem to make their way past them by putting a coin in the old woman’s open palm.

Moving forward, the party is faced with giant obelisk with a giant eye at it’s top and a camp setup beneath it. As it’s eye opened the party found that it dazed them. The camp setup then attacked them mercilessly as Cale teleported up to close the eye. Failing, Finch climbs up and finally manages to close the eye while the rest of the party finishes off the animated camping tools.

Moving past the obelisk, the party finds themselves exploring strange buildings that look to be made out of stones used to mark grave sites. the buildings are oddly shaped an as the party explores them, they notice a room filled with many tapestries. behind one tapestry is a blazing brazier shining light one 2 sets of the numbers 1-12, one set in Brass and the other in Iron. Using the poem for more guidance, they realize that one of the tapestries foreshadows what will happen should they fail to decipher the puzzle.

Exploring another building across a rope bridge, the party finds a sundial that is 5 hours fast and find a young female elf calling out to them. In elven, she asks Nas to release you as Alek notices that all is not what it seems. The elf then lashes out at the party and is revealed to be Lumia, a shape shifter made entirely of scarabs. Lumia and her swarms mercilessly attack the party dazing them before they can react.

When the party catches their breath, Alek takes a moment to cast some spells to protect the party and heal their wounds while the rest of the party strikes back at Lumia ultimately emerging victorious.

With Lumia dispatched, the party then enters an adjacent room and finds a pool of water with a key lying in it’s bottom. Suspecting that the pool was under a spell – Cale touches the water only for a large water snake to appear and teleport Cale to a not to distant river separating him from the group. Alek takes his time to prepare a lower water ritual to dry out the pool as Cale made his way back to the party. Cale reaches into the pool once again this time reaching the key and being teleported once again.

The party then reconvenes at the puzzling numbers and casts a shadow on the iron 5 representing 5:00pm. The back corner clicks and slides away revealing a staircase down. Alek consecrates the ground in the room allowing the party to rest, ableit uneasy, before they venturing forward.



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