Blood of the Dead Gods

What dreams may come

Most of the party wakes to find themselves in a narrow stone corridor. Cale and Johan are no where to be found. By investigating the immediate area Alek and Finch figure out they are in a dream-like pocket dimension.

Upon walking down the corridor, several bright lights suddenly swirl around and converge together taking the form of a Women and wolf. Sensing they mean no harm, the figure introduces herself as Lia and after they all share what they know about their situation (which isn’t much), they decide to travel together.

Reaching a room with a large section of the floor covered in ice, the group is attacked by a large caster type creature made of ice and two of his smaller companions. The ice covered floor adds an extra layer to combat as the combatants find they cannot stop sliding once they decide to cross it. Ultimately the party is victorious and the venture forward through a door.

In the next room, a figure is seen chanting to a stone statue. Her escape is blocked and she attacks the party. A large red skull is painted on the floor and runes around the drawing suggest a trap has been laid. Lia commanded her wolf across the rune and as it ran over the trap – tendrils of blood reach up to slash and hold the wolf. The wolf falls soon after leaving the group at a tactical disadvantage.

New foes are summoned and the fight grows more intense. After a long and grueling battle, the group manages to focus fire on the mysterious figure and kill her which leads to the other foes vanishing.

They take a break and prepare for whatever comes next.



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