Blood of the Dead Gods

Tipping over Tombstones in the Garden of Graves

The party awakens from their rest to find that Johan is unable to be woken and Finch seems to be trapped in a jail in his own mind. Alek, Cale, and Nas continue on.

Traveling though the smaller corridor that was unlocked by the sundial puzzle, the party is promptly attacked by a manitcore and several small scarecrows. Two portcullises raise from the ground blocking their escape and the trio is forced to fight them. Nas strikes hard and fast hitting critical points on the manticore’s body inflicting pain from afar while Cale gets up close and personal swinging his sword against the manitcore as well as taking on several scarecrows at once. Even Alek, forced to take a position on the frontlines, blasts several enemies out with bright radiant blasts.

With the battle over and the portcullises lowered the trio is able to continue through a small rocky corridor and open a simple wooden door. Once through, the corridor opens to a incredibly large garden filled with ivy and coffins. As Cale touches one, the small group is attacked by a large furbog and an eladrin zombie.

The zombie doesn’t seem to connect with any of his hits while the furbog rarely misses, striking with his large club and grabbing Nas and Cale over and over again. Alek takes a monent to offer some relief for the rest of the group and the battle continues until the Furbog draws the fight towards the ivy covered walls. As the party follows, they are met with a giant Ivy heart what swings twin vines at the combatants slowing them down and dazing them.

As the group continues to battle on all fronts, a break in the battle comes with the fall of the large furbog! The three rejoice but quickly remember the two remaining enemies. They begin to focus their fire on the zombie who is taken out quickly and then switch their focus to the remaining ivy heart. Cale and Nas beat and batter the heart while Alek uses his own blood to revitalize the two fighters.

It’s a long and grueling fight but the three emerge victorious and take a quick rest. All of his magics spent, Alek pleads with his friends to take a longer rest and they ultimately agree. They find a quiet corner, consecrate the ground and rest.

Finding only a door left to explore, the group realizes that it is the same door from the tapestry they found earlier. Cale tries to use the key on the door and the group is schocked with lightning emenating from the door. Retreating back out of the doors range, the group thinks about how to open the door.

Putting their heads together, they realize that the key must be used with the lock in the tapestires and not the actual door. Doing so quiets the door and opens it for he group to proceed through.

In a small room, the group finds a machine where all the arcane energy was being pumped into. It looks to further pump the energy to another, undisclosed, location. Further inspecting the machine, they find the scepter used to summon monsters they faught earlier as well as a large glowing crystal. Wanting to avoid another trap, Cale reaches into his pocket and pulls out Horretio! He hurls him through the air and as he descends, knocks the crystal out of it’s holder. The machine’s hum diminishes.

Taking everything of worth from the machine and rooms, the trio collects their still sleeping companions and creates a portal back to Cale’s monestary. Master Wu is relieved the ordeal is over and offers to help Cale master his corruption. Cale eagerly accepts the offer.

With this momentary break in their journeys, the party decided to part ways and meet up again in one month’s time in Hammerfast. While the group has grown close over the last few months adventuring together, they all agree that some adventures must be weathered alone so that they may grow individually as well.

They bid Cale farewell at the monestary and depart in different directions from each other.

(Level to 11 – come up with back story about what happened in this 1 month gap and how you got your paragon)



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