Blood of the Dead Gods


As the party approaches the pit, the earth trembles beneath their feet, and a great stone hand rises from the chasm, grasping at the walls and hauling an immense form of living boulders out of the darkness. The creature’s eye burns with liquid fire, it’s hand end in a jagged stump, and a ghostly rib encases its smoldering geode in its chest. Stonefang is free.

The titan charges the party hammering Johan and Cale into the ground with its great fists. Realizing they cannot hope to beat the giant in its present form, the party splits up, racing desperately to the magic circles that hold the power to bind the titan once again. With each fragment of the beast’s body they relinquish, Stonefang lets out a wail of anguish, and his power diminishes. But even in his bound form, he is a terrifying opponent.

He swings his great arms in wide arcs, throwing the heroes to the ground, crushing their frail bodies in his powerful grip. But they surround him, hacking chunks of rock and earth from the huge frame. As he weakens, piles of scree and rubble gather around his feet. The final blow activates the power of the binding ritual, and Stonefang is dragged back into the pit, sealed in by the power of Moradin.

The Shadowed Chain approach, thanking the party for their help. But the earth shakes yet again, and the dwarves look grim. They circle the altar of Torog and implore the Master of Jailers to help them contain the titan. The broken form of The King Who Crawls appears before them and demands a sacrifice. As the party looks on in horror, the dwarves slit the throat of their leader and throw it onto the altar, but it isn’t enough to sate Torog’s bloodlust. He takes the others a swell, and comes after the party, who try to escape out the pass.

The tunnel begins to cave in and Alek is caught under debris. Cale stops to help him and they are ambushed by ettercaps and giant spiders. Exhausted from their battle with Stonefang, the party must nonetheless fight their way out. At last, they reach the exit, but Torog compels them to remain behind. The power of Melora and Sehanine frees them from his grasp, but Duggan is lost in the darkness. The Shadowed Chain is no more.

They party returns to Timbervale and relates the tale to Thane Harvak and Ragrim, who give them their promised reward. They decide to journey to see Triana and Kiris Alkirk to inform them of the death of Dreus before heading back to Hammerfast at last.



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