Blood of the Dead Gods

Clever title here.

Our party ventures further into the structure traversing a narrow corridor and hearing the sounds of people gambling in the distance. Upon further investigation, they determine the sounds are magical in nature. They then come across a room set up like a small underground casino.
As the party approaches one of the tables, they are compelled the game to play it’s game. Cale wins the first hand of Blackjack and the party remembers a stanza from the poem they found telling them to play to win.

Alek is reminded of times past when he sat in a room just like their current one. The call to the games wasn’t new to him, in fact, it was like the whisper of an old lover calling out to him. As Alek fell back into his addiction (and losing almost every hand – just like old times), the rest of the seemed to be doing much better. Cale seemed to hit a hot streak but relied on his book imp Horatio (who seemed to be a natural gambler himself) for advice and slight of hand tricks. Nas also relied on her skills in theivery to throw a fast one (or two) on the possessed tables. As they beat the magical tables in blackjack, High-Low, 5 card stud, and even the basic rock, paper, scissors; the tables closed up shop as quickly as they came to life. Of course the players weren’t above cheating a little to tip the odds in their favor.

The last table of 5 card draw challenged the group to “winner take all” hands resulting in most of the party being knocked out as they lost. When at last they prevailed, a jester appeared and offered Nas 5000 gp or to open the wooded door in the room. Nas, unwilling to make a decision, let the others choose for her and the party chooses to open the door revealing a plain stone wall behind the door. Humiliated, the party continued exploring.

In the next room, the party is surprised by a sudden black impenetrable blackness. After an instant it fades and there is suddenly two of each of them! As they begin the attack the party notices that Not-Finch although dressed like him, looks nothing like him physically. Focusing their fire on him, they take him down with ease.

Taking some time to break the illusions, they see the tree-like creatures for what they really are and continue their assault.

When they fall, they pull a lever found in the room that opens a door in the tapestry room. Finishing their sweep of the room and connecting tunnels, they find two secret trap doors and lock them with magic nails for future exploration.

Taking a short break, the party cautiously enter the door in the tapestry room…



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