Blood of the Dead Gods

Between an Orc and a Hard Place

The peculiar room the group was resting in continued to work it’s magics yet again as Finch was impossible to awaken whenthe rest of the party set out to continue their quest. Cale, although awake and coherent seemed distant to the rest of the group.

They traveled the corridors and came across a stone slab blocking the tunnel the party had been looking for. Examining the slab, the group observes an arm hanging to the side, blood dripping into a pool below. Nas identifies it as Orcish.

Alek, notices a large chain mechanism connected to the large stone slab however the chain is much to high for the party to utilize at the moment. The party also notices a door that leads to a gate house.

Continuing on, the group comes to a small hallway which is lined with pressure plates activating four crossbow turrets placed throughout the corridor. Johan and Cale easily cross along the wall finding suitable hand and foot holds to avoid touching the floor. On the other side, the two find another small hall with a pressure sensitive plate and three mechanical snakes just past it. Nas, much more agile then then the rest of the party, uses an array of acrobatic flips, cartwheels, and handsprings to cross the hall narrowly avoiding each bolt as they pass by her. Alek trying to emulate Johan and Cale, attempts to find his own hand holds to cross the area but slips and finds himself in the cross hairs of all four crossbows. Avoiding the plate, the three heroes attack the snakes without mercy while Alek runs across the rest of the hall taking pot shots from the crossbows.

The mechanical snakes are formidable foes but ultimately fall under the combined might of Johan primal might, Cale’s sword and magic and Nas’s deadly twin strikes. As the last snake whirls around signifying the end of it’s mechanical life, a door at the end of the hall opens and two more mechanical automatons activate each with a hammer and claw at the ready.

Upon entering the room, Cale notices a large chasm in the middle of the room and large piles of dirt and debris along side it. Presumably, the constructs had been busy digging prior to the party’s arrival. The back of the crossbows can be seen to the west as well along with a large shut door on the opposite wall. A large switch is also seen in between the enemies.

The party charges in and attacks ferociously at the constructs. Johan savagely attacks four times and practically severs the hammer from one of them. It tries to attack back but it’s newly defective hammer makes attacking much less effective. Cale charges forth, critically striking the construct with booming blades while Nas attacks from afar with her spider wasp sting. Alek contributes with his sacred flame attacks. The constructs go down without much effort.

Searching around, the crossbows are reprogrammed to attack at orcs as a precaution and Alek opens the large door. Inside, he finds a large looming construct made in the likeness of a dwarf. Fearing another fight the group prepares for the worst, only to find that the construct does not move. Examining it, Cale is able to decipher some runes at it’s base and tells the rest of the party that the large dwarven construct can be controlled with a ritual and that it’s use was to help the short dwarves to open the large stone slab.

Alek concentrates and completes the ritual. With the golem under his control, he wills it to open the gate. The sound of the large stone slab opens in the distance followed by the sounds of a large group of orcs. Alek wills the golem to drop the gate. A slamming sound is heard and only one orc’s cry is heard as it is caught by the crushing stone slab.

A large contingency of orc savages, followed by three orc reavers and led by a orc captain begin to make their way through the gate house. As these enemies advance, our party hold their positions hoping their newly reprogrammed crossbows will serve them well.

The orc captain holds it’s reavers and sends it’s group of savages across the hallway where the party’s trap has been laid. Crossbow bolt fire indiscriminately at the orcs and many fall dead under the assault. Now knowing what they are up against, the captain and reavers charge ahead and take minimal damage from the trap.

On the other side, a reaver activates the previously avoided pressure plate in the small hall and a portcullis falls damaging the reaver and blocking the enemies’ advance. The party uses this advantage and moves into position to attack the enemies biding their time until the portcullis falls.

The orcs attack the blockage without mercy and as the pathway is cleared, many of them fall to Cale’s attacks. Johan and Cale move to flank the captain and take it down with deadly attacks moving on to now startled reavers. Nas and Alek focus fire on the remaining reavers and savages until the party emerges victorious.

Using the golem again to reopen the gate, the party pauses to collect Finch and themselves before heading further into the tunnel.

300 gp



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