Blood of the Dead Gods

... One Month Later

One month after our adventurers stopped the corruption of the garden of graves they met up in Hammerfast as promised. However, Finch is nowhere to be seen, Alek is wicked hungover, Nas seems angry, Jonah looks worn down and Cale is blue. Not blue as in sad, but as in the color… he looks blue. Also, he has a tramp stamp on his forehead. Regardless, the adventurers (sans Finch) meet up in their favorite Hammerfast watering hole, the Smoking Cauldron, to discuss what is next. The friendly bartender informs them that a Priest in the Lore Ward is looking for able bodied men. Nas, Johan and Cale meet up with Petral who tells them of the Library of Bailard, also know as the Library of High Forest, that had been abandoned for hundreds of years and hires them to recover a mysterious scroll. After checking in with Alek, who is still recovering, they leave a note for Finch and head in the direction of the library. After a few days they arrive at the location of the library, only to be immediately beset upon by Vrocks. These winged, beaked, bearlike creatures seem to be living in the ruins of the library. Fighting their way through the Vrocks, Nas, Johan and Cale find the entrance to the underground library. After resting for a short while, the adventurers proceed to explore the first level of the library. While the main hall is filthy with Vrock guano and small bones, the Adventurers find the untouched remains of the study hall. Among the moldy and rotten remains of books and scrolls they find a letter from the last protector of the library (Forgot his name) who discusses his concerns with the increasingly odd behavior of one of the scholars of the library (forgot his name as well, I am sure it is important). They also find a bookcase which has protected the scrolls within, which they quickly “reclaim,” as well as a mysterious locked box which holds a crystal globe that looks to contain a red misty substance which forms into the shape of a face. Unsure of what to do with the crystal they put it in their chest of holding for safe keeping. Upon further exploration they find a gated door which leads to stairs winding downward to the second level (where the scroll requested by Petral can be found)… At this point Nas, Johan and Cale decide to rest and wait for Finch and Alek to join them.



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